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Exhibition 1

My very first exhibition took place in Lysekil, Sweden between August 16th and 29th. Then I heard that the people coming  after me wasn’t coming and I got asked if I wanted to put up my photos again and I said yes of course and it’s still in place in Lysekils kommunhus (Kungsgatan 44, Lysekil)

Please let me know if you want to buy any of my exhibition images. They are all hand signed and come in an edition of 25 pieces. Browse through the images to see price in SEK. Packing and shipping isn’t included in the price.

Click on any of the images to open full size view and use the arrow keys to browse the images. Click once again to close.

Have you seen an image you want to buy and put on your own wall… just get in touch with me and we will get it sorted out.

Here’s a small videotour of the exhibition… Enjoy 🙂

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