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My first photoexhibition

I’ve been busy all summer with a lot of stuff and my very first own exhibition are among those.

I got the chance to show 14 different photos at the size 40x30cm in a big room at my work where the public have full access during office hours.

I also made a small videotour of the exhibition… Enjoy 🙂 I should of course have helt my cellphone in landscape mode but I’m not used to film with it and therefore it’s in the wrong direction. That will certainly be better next time. Now I know… 🙂

Do you want to buy a photo from the exhibition or any photo at all on my website just let me know and we will fix it 🙂

I want to thank two people who made this possible. The first one is Christer Dahlqvist who told me/commanded me to have an exhibition for over a year before it happend. The other one is Lasse Robertsson at Lasses Foto in Lysekil where I printed all the photos.

Thanks a lot guys!!

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