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My very first photos

Here are four photos that I know were the very first ones I shot. I had borrowed my parents camera without their permission and I didn’t want them to discover that so I buried the camera in our sandbox. I don’t remember how it was excavated but I must have done it myself as my parents couldn’t unders(t)and that it didn’t work and took it to a repairman. He told them that it wasn’t strange at all it wasn’t working as it was full of sand… 😀 😀

I am very happy to have at least four of them left as this mus have happend at least 42 years ago and most of the stuff from that time are gone forever.

My first photos 1

My first photos 1

My first photos 3

My first photos 2

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  1. Malin H 19 september, 2014

    What a lovely story… Wonderful post and images. 🙂


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