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I have done a photo job for my employer (Lysekils kommun) even if that’s not why I’m hired. They needed some new exhibition material and asked me if I could make some photos they could use as postcards and rollups. Of course I could as I love photography 😉 The five postcards show 5 different areas in the community of Lysekil.

Five postcards

Here are the five postcards where I have done the photoshoot and a colleague of mine have done the rest of the design.

Stand with postcards

This is the stand with the postcards.

Three rollups

These three rollups are also the result of my photography.

And here follows how the entire exhibition looks like. In the left area you also see some portraits I’ve also shot for the project.

The exhibition

And here follows how the entire exhibition looks like. There are some portraits in the left area of the exhibition which I’ve also shot for the project.

Click on one of the images and browse with left/right arrow to show the images in full size.

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  1. Terje Hellesø 9 augusti, 2014

    Varma gratulationer Anki! Det är du värd. 🙂


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